Best use of Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are typically used to measure the pressure of gases, oils or liquids. It acts as a transducer. Both Pressure sensor and temperature sensor are used by engineers as well as designers; it’s been available in wide range of industries like automobile industry, chemical, Oil and Gas refineries, and factories and so on.

This is why they are getting popular in the industries. These devices are set to monitor the temperature and pressure of the instruments that are used to handle high pressure. Each and every device receives unique characteristics according to the pressure given and the temperature they receive.

Pressure Sensor are best used for controlling and monitoring, measure water level, flow level of liquids or gases, altitude and many more. Some kind of sensors are used to analyze, data collection, some provide outputs such as alarms used in car, even it can be used in door with security and provides a kind of beep sound when the door is not closed well.

Pressure sensor are used vastly in security services nowadays, even a vehicle with high-speed can be tracked with this sensor set along with CCTV cameras.

Due to its usage and effectiveness these temperature and pressure sensors are getting demand day by day, these products are cost effective, 100 percentage tested and comes along with certification.

It is very important to monitor the usage of the pressure sensor along with the benefits of using them. It depends upon the usage and the important equipment to monitor air pressure continuously.

With the help of oil pressure sensor you can monitor the slight changes of the flow or pressure that happens in oil surface. These sensors are technically used to send the signal to the device if the oil leaks or drops out. Also used to warn the drastic changes in pressure level

Pressure sensor comes along with some equivalent products such as Temperature sensor, temperature controller, absolute pressure sensor, melt pressure sensor, air, gauge sensor.

This sensors comes with all stainless steel sealed construction, corrosion-resistance, various configuration of O/P, Wide temperature compensation, signal output and double output, zero and span adjustable, with OEM model optional.

Available in 0 – 200, 300, 450, 500, 600 and up to 2000* bar to combined accuracy of 0.25%FS, output signal 4~20mA 0~10V and Input 24V (12~36V) DC input, overload pressure 150% FS Excitation, operating temperature 400C ~ 1250C and 4500C for melt pressure sensor, Thread Mounting.

Application: Injection molding machine, Hydraulic press, Power packs, Polyester and Nylon extortion machine, Compressor etc. They can vary accordingly to the design, durability, size and cost.

There are many methods used to measure the pressure in system, varies with the sensors. Changes in thermal conductivity can be measured using the thermo pressure sensor, if it the resonant pressure sensor it provides to detect the resonant frequency changes according to the pressure increases or decreases.

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Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor

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