Heater Manufacturer in Chennai

Elmec Heaters launched and established in the year 1973 by Mr G. Srinivasan , is one of the leading heater manufacturer in Chennai who provides heaters at the best of industry such as infrared heaters, hot runner heaters, cartridge heaters, water heaters, oil heaters, micro coil heaters, manifold heaters, tubular heaters, Linear potentiometer and Linear Transducer for best cost.


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High density cartridge heaters dealers in Chennai

Elmec High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters are manufactured with most advanced technology and quality raw materials, enables usage with high watts in small spaces and advanced manufacturing process ensures our heaters are vibration proof and thus ensures excellent reliability in heavy duty working conditions
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Hot Runner Manifolds

Our Products includes Manifold heaters and Hot runner nozzle heaters, Micro coil heaters,
Hot runner controllers, Leak prof nozzle heaters,High Watt nozzle heaters

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Manifold Heaters

Highly compressed Tubular heaters are the most advanced heating solution for injection manifolds. The square section tubular heater allows excellent heat exchange between the surfaces of heater and manifold.
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Email: elmecinchennai@gmail.com

Hot Runner Heaters

We offers highly advanced and user friendly hot runner controller with soft start, auto /manual, TC open and TC revers indication.
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Linear Displacement Potentio Meter

Elmec offer wide range of linear displacement transducers – linear sensors from 30mm to infinity length, works under principle of Resistive and Magnetic encoding method. This sensors are widely used in Plastic injection moulding machines, Hydraulic press, Sheet metal working machines, CNC machines and etc,. Our linear sensors are cost economic and reliable.

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Infrared Heaters

Elmec design and manufacture Ceramic band heaters, Mica band heaters, Nozzle heaters, High density Cartridge heaters, Split type cartridge heaters, Low density cartridge heaters, Tubular heaters, Manifold heaters and Hot runner nozzle heaters, Micro coil heaters, Hot runner controllers, Leak prof nozzle heaters, High Watt nozzle heaters.

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